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Joby Issac 
PhD Student

Prof. Luxenburg is a principal investigator at the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. Luxenburg completed his PhD studies at the Weizmann Institute of Science under the supervision of Profs. Lia Addadi and Benny Geiger, where he studied molecular and structural mechanisms of osteoclast adhesion. For his post-doctoral training, he moved to the laboratory of Prof. Elaine Fuchs at the Rockefeller University in New York, where he studied the roles of the actin cytoskeleton in epidermal development. In October 2013 he returned to Israel and opened his independent research group. Luxenburg is a member of the Israeli Center of Research Excellence (I-CORE) “Gene Regulation in Complex Human Disease”

Prof. Chen Luxenburg
 Principal investigator

Chananel Keisar
PhD Student
Adnan Mahly 
MD-PhD Student
Nofit  Borenstein
MSc Student
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Research positions are available

for excellent and highly motivated students and postdocs. Please contact Chen Luxenburg:

Arad Soffer 
PhD Student
Former members

Shaul Raviv, Postdoc, 2016

Eyal Dor-On, Postdoc/lab manager, 2016

Orit Adir, Lab manager, 2017

Irena Vertkin, Lab manager, 2019

Yonatan Cohen, MD-PhD student, 2020

Krishnanand Padmanabhan, MSc/PhD student, 2022

Idan Lushi. MSc student, 2022

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the Luxenburg Lab
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